04 December 2017 12:00 AM

There were two entities, for a better want of a term, let's call them immortal - Mama/Papa and the child, a giant sometimes, I think this being could change shape. The parent sent the child out into the world of mortals to do good things, i.e., help. Then the child came back to see the parent (or else was summoned). There was a guide with the child, could have been me, brought the child into the foyer of the hotel (which had tall glass walls and lattice). The parent was up on one of the higher floors - it was almost like the edge of a construction beam, or the edge of a "pool." The child was listening to the guide, and they looked up to see the parent dangling his/her feet over the edge of that construction beam. Now either the parent told the child to come up, or the child said I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, and the parent said "come up," which is what the child did - he/she flew up in the air towards that beam, and the guide [me] protested, i.e., "don't do that in plain sight where everyone can see you!" That's when I knew this child was a giant, because of its size as it flew/SWAM up. I realized the atmosphere was either air, or water because it looked like a pool, and the giant was swimming UP to the pool's edge, where the parent was waiting, dangling its legs into the water. It also made [me] laugh to see the size of the child and that RED DRESS, floor length. The child reached the parent, climbed out and dangled its legs over the edge as well. And they talked. The child asked "what do I do, when they won't listen," and the parent's response was something like, "do the best you can to get them to listen, and the child said, that he/she LIKED the red dress and could he/she continued talking asking if he/she could keep on wearing the dress. And the parent said, "If you like it - keep wearing it!"


And all I, waking me, have to say about this scenario is - "Uh....?"



There's ice on the window, ice that seems to be melting, the morning ritual of the dropping temperature months, the cold of the night, the morning warmth [inner and outer] and the ice dissolves, although I can't remember how long this dissolving takes, right now it seems to be giggling, saying, "I will take as long as I wish..." more power to you, grass the color of white, again the frost, when I go out for a walk later, things will be damp, I can guarantee, that's okay, white skies, I think everything is gentle, right now, rock-a-bye baby, the bird soars wings stretched out he twirls into the sky, or not, I think that last part was my though, because I don't see this bird twirling, lets go somewhere else, ah, that necklace again, trinkets, market place, the people are dancing, this is a bazaar, the monks are headed to the temple, heads bowed, holding their wooden beads in their hands, running their fingers across the surface of those beads, the sound of their chant wafts in the breeze, somewhat mingling with the sound of those dancers near the market, the trading of goods, crafts made and displayed, the trees are splintered, but the trunk is strong, that's the benefit of growth, roots deep into the earth, there are birds in the tree, do I see a nest, yes, but this is not the time to give birth, cuddle, crouch, close to the heart, like the cats who linger close together, their legs curled up underneath them, napping... lingering for warmth...