20 minute meditation journal

01 December 2017 11:59 PM
Sitting at home late at night after an evening with friends plunging into a very cold sea, warming up with a fire, celebrating life with fireworks and sparklers and wandering along a dark beach with the sounds of the waves, seabirds and razorshells crunching underfoot.

Sitting at home in a dark room with my altar currently festooned with Christmas lights (strange how as a Buddhist I'm now far more open to the little joys of Christmas than I ever was before), with a red glow cast over everything there was the same bursting out with joy and contentment and love that I'd felt wandering along the beach during the evening. The same complete opposite of loneliness that I'd felt as I waded into the cold sea when the thought "how can I possibly feel lonely when there is this water reaching right around the world and connecting me to everything?".

No thinking during this sit, just a bursting out all over.


It was a lovely evening! the birds were so loud! and the crunchy carpet of razorshells... I was sad not to be able to go out of my depth; just could not keep my hands under water!  
11 months ago