Day 9

30 November 2017 12:08 PM
As i am about finish my daily meditation and begin to go about my day, the guide always reminds me to slowly ease back into my routine. Moving too fast has been a theme for most of my life lol. Early on, it was always with doing things to help my parents, rushing through school work, rushing to get places and rushing to leave places. Getting myself to slow down is not easy, but i believe that I am slowly(coincidentally) beginning to slow myself down. My thoughts that used to consume and take all my mental energy from how much commotion they caused, have slowed down tremendously. Focusing on exhaling when I start to speed up has been a key in helping with that. When I talk, my speech has began to sound more fluid and not rushed. My work product at work has improved from repeatedly reminding myself of well I work when I take my time. Trust and Patience.