DITTY! (This one I LIKE!)

29 November 2017 12:00 AM

stars at night go cha-cha, when the cats away the mice will play, bright star, star bright first star I see tonight I wish I may I wish I might, that I might have this dream... interesting that I remember that ditty and then it drifted off into something else

Jazz hands

You got to approach life with a giggle

sticks crackling, almost, I placed my hand on the long pine needles, smooth almost, I could tell that if I moved my hand the wrong way it would hurt, a cautious caress could that be a metaphor for social interaction, there are different kinds of pine needles, pine trees, some reach their hands up, some droop down, some just stay steady, in the middle,

I realized, yesterday that medium has two different meanings, one is the middle of the ____ fill in the blank, the race half run, the other is a person who contacts "other sides". Could that person be considered "in the middle" as well, medium rare, well done, that was fun realizing, considering that word,

the stick crackled, almost, I touched this thing, it was an extension of a tree, I think an interloper, it was interesting to realize that if I moved my hand too much, too much leverage, too much pressure, I would break this branch, too many choices, keep your hands to yourself girl,

brown leaves, the asphalt path is dark, I like walking on it, circling the hill, going down into this forest of well spread out trees, this is not a dense forest, life on a slant,

Makes me want to get out a red ball and play...

where's the balloon, there it is, he let it go, so that we could watch the red orb float away into the sky, you were always a PILL to play with, Phil, no FUN, get me back my balloon.

Ha. Where did that come from?