First Morning Thoughts Journaling

26 November 2017 12:00 AM

I find it interesting when the horizon is a light color/background, and there are a few strands of dark clouds, and I do mean strands, fluffy strings.

Dive in.

The word I woke up to is "complicit". Hmm.  

Light blue sky, dark clouds, hope the darker clouds disappear, the blue bright skies of the last few days have been a welcomed respite.

Shall I loop like the squirrel, nimble fingers sorting through the grass blades, and then patting down those resistant blades?  

walk through the woods, the trunks are thick, pausing at the edge of the woods, my hands on the bark, on either side of me, like parting the curtain on the stage, and looking out, what I see is a field, a wide path, so to speak, there is sunlight in the grass, and the ground is on a slight angle.

Begin again.

The stars in the sky, some nights they are brighter, as if they have come closer to take a look at us. Last night, they were like pinpricks in the dark sky, but at least THEY WERE THERE. I could see them. Hmm, I wonder about that. What I described is true, but what is the reason for it...

Ah, let's sit on the wooden horse, on the carousel, looking out at the sunlight on the pavement.

The leaf is wide; the strands in its surface are like the lines of hills. Hmm. The leaf is green, shall I hold it until it turns colors, nah, that would be cheating...