Three Phases of the Moon.

25 November 2017 12:00 AM

(Three phases of the Moon, three phases of him, he committed an act, what exactly, I don't recall, murder perhaps, but he thought one of the other two did it, so when the trial commenced, he had them get on the stand and testify, but after awhile, he finally, "came up" and when asked, probed, he finally put "two and two together, but in this case, all THREE together into one man, and he realized, "they" didn't do it, HE did, and he is more than willing to answer for his crime, as he tells the woman as he leaves the house, i.e., "I have to go now, to answer for what I did". The interesting thing here was the man and woman was Mark Harmon and Meg Ryan. I know those faces were WALK - IN, i.e., who is ever talking in the scene, will take a face, persona, I am familiar with. I love Mark Harmon's portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS [Gibbs' rules] and I heard Meg Ryan's name mentioned on the car radio yesterday. Mark Harmon's with Pam Dawber - who played Mindy in Mork & Mindy, with Robin Williams.)  

What interests me of this "dreaming" is that I woke up muttering, "three phases of the moon". There was a variety of math, psychology, and male/female personas. INTERESTING.


Disrobing, discarding, the robe, the persona, she walks out into the field, the grass crinkles underneath her feet, that's a way to tell that the weather has gotten colder, everything is crisp, extra bright, turning, the wind does a little whirly-gig on the rock,

She goes up next this rock, standing, staring contemplating, the water which is almost white, is that because of the sunlight, or because my seeing is "off"? It all depends on angles and one's perception, there are seals in the water, oh that's new, they move like squirrels, with their long fluffy tails, hopping across the street, the seals go to a nearby rock to sun themselves, I hear their call, but this all metamorphoses into the seagulls overhead, hovering over the water, descending to the sandy beach which is strewn with rocks, driftwood and strands of seaweed, I also see broken seashells.  

The seagulls land, picking their way through the sea debris, has to be some food in-between the cracks, somewhere...

Somewhere else, I want to be, leaves falling from the tree, a split rail wooden fence, a horse drawing a wagon,

The mosaic of the stones set, cobblestones, patio, town square, outdoor cafe, coffee...