What were they saying?

24 November 2017 12:00 AM

I saw this woman with long black hair, wearing shorts and a white blouse (with short sleeves), bounding like a deer to each mailbox, putting something in each mailbox, starting at the beginning of this very long block, then she and this man, who looks like a youngish Marlon Brando in a brown uniform (Was he wearing shorts as well, definitely wearing a hat/helmet) - he and the woman who looks Hawaiian or Polynesian, definitely Asian standing side by side walking down this block facing the camera, they are talking to us (at an angle), and the green grass is obvious, but at the beginning of this block I see beyond these people to the far right the long edge of a beach, and an ocean, there is sparkles on this water, and a rippling current, there are palm trees , and beyond the water I see a line of mountains, faraway, and someone pulls something out of one of the mailboxes, was it the woman, I don't know, it was like what they were saying to the camera, i.e., me was a PSA,


the thing that was pulled out of the mailbox was taken inside, and was placed under a microscope and examined, this is a kind of lab, the microscope was on a counter, and the other juxtaposition counter/shelf against the wall, had a bunch of items lined up on this counter - this was cluttered, but there was a method to this madness, and I saw two people cross the room, beyond the counter, and the person looking into the microscope, they were going into the corner of the room, far side, they were looking for something again TWO, but now we have the one looking into the microscope

What was extra interesting about these scenes is that they took some backgrounds that I am familiar with in my waking life, and changed them.


The sky is clear, this is a gentle sunrise. I've been hearing Canada Geese flying in the air, overhead for the past few days, EVEN AT NIGHT. The fact that I heard them at night was startling, although I've been aware of Canada Geese doing that before.