You're from Holland...

23 November 2017 12:00 AM

Why would I dream about being in the belly of a ship, I could see the dark red cedar and I was leaning against a counter, was on some type of ledge?

And this was a new one, (which is why I wondered about the location ...)  So was walking down these wide streets, seeing hedges, houses, grass, And I sort of recognized the landscape EXCEPT

To my left I glimpsed a windmill, with large wooden "wings" (can we call the face of the windmill a fan?), I saw that, and then I didn't, And somebody dug out of hedge/shed/cellar To reach the street and sidewalk, And I was standing next to their opening (to the right) And witnessed them climbing out, standing up, Then walking across the streets, the paths,

This was an exploration,

When I saw the windmill, I mumbled to myself, "You're from Holland."

I wasn't referring to me.  

 The trees stand up 

Stretching their bodies UP towards the sky,

Pushing out their chests, proudly towards the sun,

The one in the back has yellow leaves, Wears them like castanets, a frilly blouse, boa,

Lifting his head up, His arms apparent, Soul emerging, Strong branches,


 The sand is white and the stones somewhat jagged, the water comes up to the shore like a gentle friend and the seagulls call, the dawn smiles...