Sometimes you have to step back... let there be light...

18 November 2017 12:00 AM

The birds soar up from me, small birds full of gold light, their wings fluttering, lift up release, how do I create something new, the belief that if you create it on the astral plane, you are giving this entity LIFE, it you keep investing this energy into this "being" you are making its life more -- solid.
Sometimes, I forget how much I know.
The stones in the wall were crumbling, the garden was filled with thorns and roses the vines crawled up this wall, breaking the stones, slowly with their insistence. Let there be light,
I walked behind the church, to the grounds where the asphalt was a circle around a fountain, and the garden, hedges that embraced this circle which expanded into boxes, blocks, a garden careful planned, starting with the fountain and them extending out, can we call this a maze, a floral brocade that the people who take care of this garden, these ground may consider their own.
The wild gardens are the best, the grass laid down like hay, a bower of pillows for the animals to play in, to graze on, admits the blades,
interesting how sometimes one goes in and out of a meditation, you see something, you visualize it, you utter the words but then a "door" opens and your consciousness slips into that room, you falter, and the gray curtain descends,

The sea nearby, the edge of the water, the stones in the sand, the seagulls picking at the seaweed in-between the rocks, a few hardier birds show up, to nitpick among the sea fare as well...