Men in Bowler Hats...

17 November 2017 12:00 AM

I had an image in a dreaming this morning [the dream state, the dreaming, dream world, vision, meditations...] of men in long black winter coats and wearing dark bowler hats. They were white men, and they were looking for something in the forest "for me", but I wasn't sure if they were doing it FOR me, or not. The reason why I'm mentioning this here, is that it reminded me of a dream I had YEARS AND YEARS AGO (I was in the crib, can you dig that?!). In this dream, I was outside running around on a block next to my parents' house. It was the middle of the night, most definitely - and in the dream, someone tackled me, like a football player scooping up a football, i.e., I was being "kidnapped" ... but the next scene in that dream, was a daylight scene, I was in the back seat of the green mercury (that was the family car). To the left and right of me, I was in the middle, were black men, in bowler hats. I think they were wearing blue suit jackets. (Thing is, at that time in my life, I knew NO black people. I also had a dream about Japanese people as well, at that time, and my waking knowledge of them, then was zilch!)  
The fact that that image of the men in bowler hats with those slight flip flop of images - black long winter coats, white skin, dark, skin, woods, a car, the fact that that "image" - well, let's say it's been about 60 years since I had that first dream!!!  
I find that - FASCINATING!!! Namaste.