Day 4

14 November 2017 11:12 AM
When I start to lose my sense of mindfulness and become overwhelmed by stress. I cannot put my thoughts into words. How can it so difficult. Talking is a very strong ability that I have and being able to recall things as im talking is the same. Stress causes a cloud to enter my mind and when I become mindlessly stressed i make it more difficult for myself to think clear again. What I love about meditating is that there are days when I feel so refreshed after gently letting my mind go and watching my thought pass. For almost 3 three years i couldnt do anything but stress over everything. When I began meditating, it was very difficult and almost uncomfortable, but after practicing and reading I became comfortable with my daily routine. Clearing the stress clouds can be done with practice and patience. To really be able to see and feel my thoughts as they enter and then exit shortly after, takes patience and breathing. I would of never thought that focusing on my breathing could have made such an impact. Very minuscule but minimalism has slowly become a presence with my meditation practice. Ill be mediating in the afternoon today and reflecting on how grateful I am for patience; the patience to sense my thoughts and only see them as thoughts.


Being grateful is really beautiful, so is patience!
11 months ago