Day 3

13 November 2017 9:50 AM
The journey to mindfulness requires patience and trust. Good things that happen along the way are more inclined to do so when both patience and trust and being used. I can honestly say that i trust myself more now from incorporating meditation into my daily life. My confidence-which finding sometimes can be a struggle- has grown authentically from moments where my mindfulness is present. I love how i can feel myself growing from my mindfulness moments. Having meditation and mindfulness as a foundation for my life has given me the confidence to go into situations that would of been difficult and instead are approachable and doable. In a similar way, my thoughts have developed the same theme. What would of been too difficult for me to endure thinking about has become easier for me to allow to pass through my mind. When that happens I see the thought as simply and idea or "thought" and it doesn't settle in as if to be true. Continually being thankful and knowing that the mindfulness is a journey keeps me from becoming content and always wanting to meditate and strengthen my mindfulness. 


Lovely to read. Thanks for sharing.
Kokai (Sarah)
11 months ago