Trouble sitting

13 November 2017 4:24 AM
Lately it’s been hard getting myself to sit. I was doing so well now I feel like I’m reluctant to get on the cushion. It seems to ebb and flow as to how easy it is to keep my practice going. Hopefully I’ll get my momentum back soon. Trying to convince myself to meditate tonight since I slept in and skipped sitting this morning.


What about doing 'token sits' at those times when you can't bring yourself to do a full sit? If you tell yourself you only need to sit for 1 minute it is hard to let your excuses win. There is always 1 minute spare in every day. Once you are on the cushion you might find that minute extends a bit. If not, at least you helped build up that willpower to hit the cushion a little. It can be like a battle of wills sometimes. As someone I was on retreat with said "the bit of me that knows I need to sit is not always the bit that makes the decisions or I listen to". Each time that is the bit of you that you listen to, you start to reset your priorities.
Kokai (Sarah)
11 months ago
That’s good advice. Thank you. Yes I’m shortening my sits too for now as a way of encouraging myself.
11 months ago