30 minute meditation journal

12 November 2017 4:09 PM
Cried throughout watching Blue Planet with my family causing some consternation earlier today.  It felt like it was a continuation of this morning, and felt better after. I don’t normlly manage to sit twice in a day unless going to the zendo, but there was a good moment and I felt the need to. However this was very dark and difficult and full of flashbacks. 


Take care Rosie. Sitting with flashbacks in tough as I know from experience. Remember that you can, if you need to, come back to the present day at any time by focusing on present sensations (sounds, colours, smells, the surface underneath you, your weight being being supported by the earth). Remember also that you are not the same person you were when the events happened. You are older, wiser, in a safe place and that you have support.
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago
Thanks!  yes, I do try to do that, though sometimes I have found that I was completely gone for some moments. the ground under my feet helps. though I don’t feel it as well when my feet are not flat on the floor and also sometimes looking up, if I need to break away from this feeling that I am a me in the past, in a really bad place...
about 1 year ago