drifting in and out!

04 November 2017 12:00 AM

Throwing a stone into the water, what is that impulse, because it's there, because you have dreams of seeing that stone skip, or just sheer instinct? The rocks behind me, which border this little alcove, sandy beach, are wet, dark rocks, but there is sand between these rocks, like glue, eh, regardless, I grab hold of the top of each stone, hoisting myself up to the top of the hill, grassy incline, flat plateau, and I wonder, the breeze wafts across the grass, and messes up my hair, and I see the birds flying overhead, be they seagulls, no this might be a "gannet" which I think is similar to a seagull, white bird with pronounced wings when this bird folds his arms close to his body, it's like the pages of a book folding shut, caw, caw, the girl walked near the tower, her bonnet, with the frilly edge covered her face, was she shy, or was this the fashion, she wore a white apron, her skirt is ankle length, and I think she is carrying some loafs of bread, and I keep drifting into space, slumber, is the tower an old prison, tower of London, the castle that guided a nation, the people on the beach far off, are talking quietly to them selves, I think they are going to service, but they are also bring refreshments, with them, they are dressed in black, the girl was in white and blue gingham.