30 minute meditation journal

03 November 2017 7:41 PM
Evening sit.
I've tried the Metta Bhavana before but not felt a connection to the practise but I use it when I walk. When i see people I recite the words to myself, may they be happy etc. So on the way home on the bus I saw an old lady hobbling along using sticks, so recited the words and a feeling of joy sprang from nowhere and made me smile. And a little way along the road it happened again. I think it's moments like these that make the practise of meditation so worthwhile. I tend to get nothing much from the sit, but it manifests outside the practise. it constantly surprises me, and makes it all worthwhile.
Heres a podcast i found thats interesting and well done. http://zenstudiespodcast.com


Nice :)

Before I started zen practice I tried a metta practice and thought it was nice but a little contrived and I found that I really struggled to wish myself well - other people I could do so easily. Then I found that wishing people well happened naturally (both in and out of practice). It took far longer to let all the negative emotions about myself unravel.

Another practice which I found interesting was a suggestion of making a mental bow to people and see how it felt. No need for it to be obvious to anyone else. I first tried it once when I was at a music festival and found myself really noticing people, little details like the expression in their eyes or how they gently held their child's hand. I was flooded by love for everyone. I must have been grinning because all weekend people kept grinning back at me. A reinforcing loop of good wishes. I'd be interested if it has the same effect for other people. To be honest I'd probably suggest starting on a smaller scale in a less crowded place if you ever try this because it although it was so beautiful it was also a little overwhelming at first. 

Kokai (Sarah)
11 months ago
A mental bow, interesting, I will try this.
Paul V
11 months ago