spinning a yarn!

02 November 2017 12:00 AM
I found the carcass of the house, the crumbling stone walls, was the roof made of sod, is that the reason why there is nothing "up there", I took the neighbor's mule with me, no wait, donkey, they let me stay with them as long as I helped them with the livestock fair enough, I rode on the donkey to this house, and left him to eat the grass as I went into this stone remains, they are dark large stones, and the top of the walls are jagged, doors are holes I can see the sea out of one of these door openings no doubt the front door, I sit down in the grass, letting the house envelope me, look up at the clear blue sky, but the clouds are gathering, well this is the island, if you don't like the weather wait a few minutes, it will change I can feel the wind pick up, and I take that as my cue to come out of the house and gather up the donkey, we walk on the dirt path together back to the farm house, when it begins to rain, he and I wait under the spreading oak tree, or is that a yew, it's a yew, is that why the wind died down here, like a space, gathering void, yeah, that's it, I bow my head in prayer, or should I say a silent  meditation, scratching the donkey between his ears on the forehead, he and I start off again, the rain is abating, when he wants to stop and sip at some of the water in the grass, I let him, I'm in no hurry, the seagulls fly over head, is that a crane, or a stork, stork more likely as I look off towards the land beyond the sea, one thing about living on an island, you can see forever, at the same time, you are cut off, I don't care, as a kid, sure all kids want to be elsewhere got the urge for going, but now, I visit each moment, relishing the flavor, the bells chime in the tower, faraway castle, where the monks have taken refuge hide in the tunnels, mon ami, hide.