80 minute meditation journal

01 November 2017 8:11 PM
Sitting with sangha. Monks wear robes in the zendo once a month when we have a more formal sitting. This was the first since my ordination. I was roasting and wishing that the heating hadn't been turned up high to beat the winter chills.  The person sitting opposite me hadn't seen my bald head and kept bursting out laughing at it (in an affectionate way). Otherwise it was normal easy sitting. After a lot of cushion time last week my injured knee is now pretty much back to sitting fitness and the time felt like nothing.


Must be hard being so warm. I remember when I used to sit in my Hakama and Ghee in the Dojo and how warm it was lol. Glad the time passed quickly for you. Must be strange to all the sudden be bald but for a very worthy purpose!
22 days ago
My hair has been getting shorter for months in preparation but it still seems strange to many people. Actually I really like it, having thought that I'd hate it. It feels quite liberating to lose it and not need to pay any attention to it. If it wasn't for knowing that it is quite difficult for some people to look at (eg people who it reminds of family members' cancer treatments) I think I might keep it this way. People assume it is due to cancer or alopecia because I don't look like their idea of a monk and there aren't many monks in a UK city - especially not a woman, wearing bright clothes, miniskirts and cycling around, so I get why they make the illness assumption.

It is less strange in the zendo where people know why I'm bald. The person opposite who kept laughing also added thumbs up and Ok signs to what should have been the usual standing bow of welcome. The person who came to tell me that it was my turn for interview next ended up rubbing my head as well as their bow. All funny if not in keeping with zendo etiquette.

Maybe I'll get used to the warmth of the extra layers too. The zendo is unpredicatably either very cold or very hot so I tell beginners to wear layers so that ca adjust to a comfortable temperature. I'll appreciate being able to do that on non-robes days all the more now!

Kokai (Sarah)
22 days ago
Lol. It’s funny how people react to different things especially stark changes. It is interesting that they were willing to break the normal traditions of the zendo to take a stance on Your bald head.
21 days ago