On the Swings (tried something different...)

28 October 2017 12:00 AM

Can I stand on a grassy shore, the edge of an island and look out towards the sea to see the mountains beyond that water, and watch the ripple of the sunlight in the water, always look towards water to calm down, focus, she wore a long white gown which billow in the wind the scarf around her head was crochet, one of those fish net stocking, i.e., loose knit, don't know what else to call it, dark hair, she walked away from the grass, the shore to the road, a dirt path, towards her home a cottage of white stucco what's with all the whit lady, hmm?  

Edges of the trees, that shy dawn once more, I rise up and shed my tears my sleep, stretch, we all must stretch

Smile as you look towards the day

Focus inward then look out

The girl was on the swing at the park, not me, braids, and shorts, freckles on her face, is there a bell in the distance I get the impression of a heavy clangor, bell,

Clip clop of the horse, the milk wagon, AGAIN that bloody white, are we scrubbing clean this morning,

I listen to their conversation, not the essence of what was said but the nuance, the tone, I like the sound, the accents, European,

Will we be free once more?

Patio, stone cafe, mosaic floor, coffee, morning paper,

The waves hit the rocks, the shore, the wind ripping into the sand, and he tries to maintain his balance, a piece of paper is being beaten by the wind ripped lifted up and flies like a mad leaf

Seagulls in the sky...clouds...