Kegel, et al...

27 October 2017 12:00 AM

That's the name of the exercises I've been trying to do as I meditate. I didn't know the name until today. I looked it up on the Internet and got the exact steps one must take to do them.
It's so embarrassing, but the way I figure it - what better time to BECOME BETTER -- than a meditation?

There is a silence in the woods. I think that's because it is the early morning, oh I like that time best for listening, becoming one with Nature, oh I don't even like saying that "becoming one", sounds like a cliché, trite, over used, and yet... clear your mind, don't think, breathe and let it ALL GO ... and what else do you think happens?
We direct where we want to go...
All it takes is focus.
So, I'm on that path.  
There's a ghost flittering between the trees, someone dancing, an elf perhaps in a long robe, lifting his legs, he is thin, and definitely impish, makes me laugh, deep, looking at this joker.
Let go.
They put the robe on her, before she entered the temple. The bells chimed, but the people in the pews were silent.
This was her ritual, and they were there to support, her, him, it, in this rite...
the Blue Jay screeched and flew up into the bush to look at me, before he disappeared into the branches, with the bush,
I like the acknowledgement.
I wonder where the mockingbird is frolicking.
I saw a hawk flying in the sky. There was also a crane, egret, perhaps; I recognized the long slope of his wings.  
Vultures fly in these skies as well, but their wing stroke is different - it is a glide.

The squirrels are industrious. I like watching them use their front paws - their toes are nimble fingers.