Trying to create a new look...

26 October 2017 12:00 AM

The tree at the side of the road is dead. I'm standing at the side of this tree looking up at these branches - it is like a road, a map, and even without the life lingering, there is something majestic about this tree, a record of years past, that's what I think is wrong with humans, most not realizing that trees, stones, record US, the echoes of US linger in these animate objects, they are alive, just on a different wave length, the energy is REAL SLOW compared to us and other animal life, you can TELL this is you look at a tree, or hold a stone in the palm of your hand and meditate.
The grass in the field is slightly brown, tipped by the wind, a nonchalant salute,
she walked across the stone floor, her gown swishing against the rock, tap tap, she went to the window at the side of the room, the tower, and looked out, the horses were being saddled, the men were yet on another journey, she bit her lip, and then sat down at her table, taking up the scissors she cut her hair she cut her hair real short , if she couldn't go as herself she'd become someone else, besides she prefer the voluminous pants, they are like the robes of the monks, brown khaki,
The ornaments at the edge of the patio are Grecian, partially Celtic, there is a craftsperson here taking them down, they want to create a different kind of look in this garden.
I’m at the side of the stream now, and the boys are throwing rocks into the water, but their mothers bade them nay.