25 minute meditation journal

22 October 2017 1:41 PM
Just missed a train after stopping to take a call from my mum. Spent the time waiting for the next train doing slow kinhin on the station platform. We have the remains of a storm here and after a blustery ride it was nice to walk gently. Very aware of sensations. The tarmac under my feet, dampness from my wet boots soaking into my socks. The wind rustling the plants. A pause to enjoy a couple of blackberries I'd spotted growing wild, months after bushes in sunnier spots finished cropping. The breeze also on my almost shorn head, shorter than it has ever been and soon to go completely. Appreciation of how walking happens, something I don't take for granted any more after a summer on crutches and an autumn of dizziness. A huge grin,  vast calm and deep joy by the time the train arrived. ( Not meant to be underlined, just can't switch it off on my phone)


The underlining gave the entry a special effect! 
about 1 year ago
I'll not make a habit of it!
Kokai (Sarah)
about 1 year ago