What town is this?

11 October 2017 12:00 AM



What I'm doing here is automatic writing where I try to go into a trance AFTER the meditation, so this is seven times two, i.e., fourteen minutes. Open the door and walk out onto the street and why do I end up on this cobblestone street, the door is more glass then wood, there is a gold door knob, gold in color, probably brass, the houses are packed in, here, this look like an historic town near the canal here, why do I always open the door and find myself on this street, ah the doors of the stables, or black smith, open the doors, they are a dark red, almost brown, yeah, blacksmith tools, is this my cousins home, her son is a black smith, I like the fact that this tradition is alive and well in our family lineage, I want to get back to this door way, I see artifacts inside this barn, tools, there are windows to the side, high up a bit of moss on the window, no mold, green smudge from the trees and whatnot, the woman is walking down the street, her dress edge swept up in her arm, shoes with heels click, but these are new flim-flam shoes these shoes got some girth to them, old times, a woman's shoe was made to last, since when did we become a throwaway society, there are vines up the side of the garage, they are up they are red berries and green leaves a tangled vine I see a hedge beyond these plants and the sky is bright with a beguiling veil..