45 minute meditation journal

11 October 2017 6:59 AM
I was able to sit without moving my leg to a new position or looking at the timer. I did experience a quiet frustration and restlessness that I cannot seem to rest my attention on my breath. Thoughts keep bubbling up and getting in the way. I know I must be patient with myself and the process.


Thoughts will keep coming up - it is what our busy brains do - although in time with repeatedly just letting the thoughts be without paying them undue attention they may slow or recede to the background. Then you will find they bother you less. Thinking of thoughts as 'secretions of the brain' helps some people. Our brains produce thoughts like our stomachs produce gastric fluids - only we don't usually get ourselves tied up in our gastric fluids, judge ourselves for them or get carried away in gastric daydreams. So the thoughts themselves aren't really a problem - how we react to them can be. Does that make any sense?

That's a good long sit for solo sitting. Congratulate yourself for that maybe rather than getting frustrated with yourself?

Kokai (Sarah)
12 months ago
Thank you for your comments! I like the analogy of the gastric juices. Thinking of it that way seems like it will be very helpful. I really want to have a strong solo practice and stay consistent. OpenSit and Treeleaf are providing me with great momentum. Hearing from you really helps and is greatly appreciated!!
12 months ago