The Blue Jay

06 October 2017 12:00 AM
I heard the Blue Jay calling. It was a strident call, up close and personal, either on my roof, or in the bush outside my window. I KNOW he's come because I asked him to, long story, Mockingbirds chased them out, and lately I've been grieving for my Blue Jay friends, and wishing/praying/creative visualizing the return of these beautiful birds, especially the one that I KNOW was my friend (if you see a Blue Jay in the rain, perched on a branch outside your window, head cocked looking AT YOU, you know - this bird KNOWS YOU.

So I am pleased by this signal, i.e., I AM HERE AND I HEARD YOU.
Birds flying over the tree tops near the pond, the trees are like shadows, and the top "rugged", i.e., hills made of leaves and branches, there's an opening near the pond, I see the path, near the pond, the trees are a hue, brown, and a hint of orange in the sunlight, I think this is a sunset , walking through the forest, they held hands again the dark haired man, and woman with her hair piled high on top of her head, she's got her skirt curled up in her arm, don't want to get too dirty, there are butterflies at the edge of the trees, the tall grass is bending, there is a breeze, they break through the trees, stepping carefully, I think next time next time they decided to walk in the woods, they should wear more "casual" wear, sitting on the wrought iron bench, they watch as the swans and ducks saunter about in the water, this is a Sunday, or weekend outing...