Sounds, et al....

05 October 2017 12:00 AM

Waves crashing against the shore, there is sunlight, but it is behind me, coming in from the right, I think, throw a stick for the dog who runs into the water to snatch it up and bring it back to you head held high, he's so proud, my trophy, seashells with a mother of pearl white luminous inside the shell, place my ear up against eh shell can I hear things, don't say "ocean" I am standing right next to it, ha, listening t o the wind today, I walked under a canopy, a roof, open-air picnic area, I had been listening to the wind rustling in the trees, swishing the leaves about, but once under that construction, the sound of the wind changed, like an echo, a hollow tunnel, I was surprised by that, wasn't sure WHY it had changed until I came "out."
Standing in front of the statue of the soldier on his horse, a black marble sculpture, lift your hat up soldier, lead the troops, even when you know the risk is great,
I hear carriages going down the cobblestone street, the horses lifting their knees high, is this when the Queen comes out for her look around town, no these are other gentries, the royalty is up in the mountains, don't blame them, I'd rather be there as well, back pressed against the stone wall, the musician lifts his instrument and beings to fiddle for his tea, his black hat laid on the ground next to him... called busking in the UK.