30 minute meditation journal

04 October 2017 7:25 AM
Morning sit. I've been finding my way in recent days to live my life in its bigger sense. I think inspired both by my current koan (which has become intermingled into my 'just sitting' and moment to moment activity, but also by my ordination which is coming up in a few weeks. Practice has become more about helping others with their practice while still being willing to deal with any of my dark stuff that surfaces, any shadows.

I've been surprised that the way I am discovering I do this is surprisingly gentle, soft and kind, and for once I'm not excluding myself from that but treating my own limitations with kindness and gentleness. Couldn't have happened at a better time as my current health induced limitations would be much harder to deal with if I was beating myself up over them!


Congratulations on your ordination! It's good to see your meditations bearing fruit.
Paul V
over 1 year ago
Thanks Paul. :)
Kokai (Sarah)
over 1 year ago