30 September 2017 12:00 AM

Why do we meditate? To achieve peace? To reach nirvana? To cast "spells", i.e., power of positive thought, visualizations, who-ha.  
I like the fact that I have found a spirit guide and animal totem. I tried visualizing them, and asking for healing. I think it is also wise to be willing to spread the wealth -- if you are made to feel better, help someone else improve as well.
That's always a bugger, though. Ever been too enthusiastic about HELPING?
Come on, listen to me, HEAL!!!
That's a joke.
However, if one practices positive thinking... if one, instinctively, emits a healing vibe...
If you practice HAPPY, well, that mood is catching, you know.
Right now, I'm thinking on paper.
That's what I do.  
If I don't write it down, the thoughts do not get expressed.
However, one does wish to be focused, and guided in one's projection of energy.
Energy, vibration, frequency...
I really believe we can reshape what happens out there. If enough of us think that, and do that...

Think POSITIVE ...
Oh I can hear the discussion that drums up.
The thing is - we humans talk way too much.  
We need to take the time to FEEL, to SEE, and then PROJECT.
Shut up!  
I know, difficult to communicate without words.
love can be felt.  
Happy can be felt.
And you do good deeds.
I try to help the animals. I try to help nature. Not enough people doing that, so that's how I try to pitch in, in saving the Earth.
Oh, I don't know...
my meditation was good. I saw the room; I saw the bench to sit down on...
Bad thoughts intruded, so I had to redo the intent.
And I pulled my stomach muscles in.
Trust me, if you have problems with your bladder that feels IMPERATIVE...
So perfect love, perfect trust.