A dream I had...

28 September 2017 12:00 AM
I did my meditation today... but I feel like talking about the dream I had last night... so strange.

Someone was wounded, a political figure. I helped him out the door. I was trying to help.
His "official" assistant came to see me. He was sitting next to the door, looking at me, while this assistant, an Asian woman, said, "well, while you're training, you can stay here, but once your apprenticeship is over, you'll transfer to Central Square."
I looked at him, and at her. I said, "What do you mean? That's in another state? You want me to move?"

I went to leave the room, to talk to him, saying, that I was there to help him and that's it, and I hoped that was all right.
He looked at me, nodded, gave me a document and said, "Read this, analyze what the problem is and then come up with a solution to the problem."

I know who these people are. It's interesting how a dream scenario will cloak a situation, i.e., your mind need a little entertainment perhaps...  


I'm having some physical problems today. I can't get deep into what the meditation did for me - well, what it did was I practiced my stomach muscle clenches. BELIEVE ME I HAVE TO DO THAT.
And I'm doing the grounding exercises, still, and going into the room/white balloon and sitting on the stone bench.

My Spirit Guides right now are the Crow and Archangel Raphael.  

Blessed Be.