Animal Totems and other whatnots...

26 September 2017 12:00 AM

 We need our symbols, our goals, our lucky pennies, the cross, the circle, geometric figures, trees that reach up towards the sky, the leaves which fall to the ground, rain which washes away our sins, the song of a bird which makes our spirit lift; humans thrive on this instinctive heart beat.  Today, I saw a Crow and was reminded of how this bird figured in my life - the mischievous trickster, the clever fellow who untied a friend's shoelace and was on his way, leaving me laughing my ASS off, and my friend - totally gobsmacked.  

We need our symbols.
Even breathing is a symbol, heck in the human psyche EVERYTHING can be a symbol, and ANYTHING ... we are like that.  If you focus on something, you make it magical.
If you focus on washing the dishes, that task becomes a ritual.  This is our life.  
Each moment, is a lifetime.
It's amazing how little time can pass if you focus on your breathing, yet -- it seems like a millennium.  
You lose track of time.
Is that good or bad?
Count the minutes, the seconds, each breath in, each step forward...  count the lines in a tree trunk, the minutes between each gush of wind that makes the window pane buckle.  Hmm.  I've never done that that might be a good meditation in itself.

It's funny how you can find riches in what other people think of as worthless.
Who's right?
Society or you....