Clairaudience & How Meditation can influence ALL your hours...

25 September 2017 7:58 PM

I was reminded, today, of how persistence at meditation will filter into ALL your waking senses ...  specifically, my dreaming.  
I have had people contact me, while I'm dreaming - those "contacts" happen in the in-between state, between sleeping and waking up.  I am aware of both stages, sleep and awake, but I'm still too asleep to shake myself out of it.
Nor do I want to, when the conversation is interesting.
Someone was talking to me, someone I once knew in England.  It was funny, because it was like I was on the phone with him, but I also saw the conversation on the written page - both were happening at the same time.  (Now our relationship was like that - phone calls and e-mails, i.e., written page.  However, this was different; the set-up was the same, but the conversation and what I was aware of, in the dream state, was different.
He was saying to me, "No I'm not mad.  And no, I don't have anything to do with those guys.  They're Indian, you see."
I woke up more, muttering to myself, and a bit to him, “Yeah, but you're British.  There is definitely more of a possibility you're connected to them, then I am..."
Then I woke up more, wondering, WHO the Indian couple were!  I definitely used the term "Indian", i.e.  from INDIA which was once a territory of England.
Later, as I drifted more awake, I remembered that the meditations I started doing involved practicing a visualization, regarding anchoring myself to the earth, through my chakras, and visualizing entering a white balloon room and sitting on a stone bench, i.e., protection from "evil" spirits, as I try to open myself up to cosmos.
And REALIZING this connection, well,
I've been trying to improve my ability to HEAR these "dream" conversation, i.e., psychic hearing.  And I've been trying to retain my dreams, kept a dream journal FOR YEARS.  I stopped "officially" keeping that journal - it's nobody's business but my own.
HOWEVER -- I think I need to visualize that rope and anchor just before I go to sleep, AND see myself going into that white balloon room and sitting down on that bench.
I want to dream, I want to retain, and I DO NOT WHAT evil whatnots invading my space, when I'm most vulnerable, i.e., DREAMING.
Meditation is a GOOD THING.