Centering on the Chakras

24 September 2017 12:00 AM

I like sitting in front of my altar, working on anchoring myself to the earth through a rope attached through my chakras - however, sitting didn't seem right.
So I stood.  Standing, I was able to "run" the rope down through the ground, and also try to visualize going into the white balloon room where I could sit on the stone bench.  It's odd, because I am not seeing "a door".  I have a triangle over my altar, with the runic signs inscribed in the borders of this geometric figure.  I find myself looking at this figure, and going through/into the balloon through, the thing IS, that I "see" a glass walkway - I recognize it as a building that CSI - Miami is shot in - the lab has this stone walkway/hall - and the walls are glass.  (An "odd" factual tidbit:  It is supposed to be about Miami, but the show is shot in CHICAGO.)  Anyway, I keep seeing that walkway as I look INTO this triangle.
I probably will go back to listening to music as I meditate but right now, this seems to be the right path.  We'll see what I can develop.
What's NICE is that after I do the meditating, I've run through the finger/sound chakra exercises.  This is the second day; I've done that, adding that bit after the meditation.  My voice is stronger.  To me THAT'S a good sign.  
I've been having interesting dreams recently.  I stopped recording them, in my other blog - nobody's business, those dreams.  But what interest me is the people I'm seeing and talking to in these dreams.