Verbalizing the Chakras...

23 September 2017 12:00 AM

This is Day two of my sitting in front of my altar, and visualizing the rope tied to my chakras / portal point going down to an anchor in the floor, in the ground.  I also attempted to see the room in the white balloon, enter it, and sit down on the stone bench... The exercise talked about having the anchor emanating from the chakra I want to work from, but I figured that I should let this rope start at my crown chakra and go down my spine, through ALL the chakras to the floor/ground, earth.  
After I finished the meditation, I tried a chakra hand exercise - you put your hands in a certain position, you place your hands at a certain point "on your body" and then verbalize the corresponding sound.  
What interested me was that I was able to verbalize these sounds more strongly this time -- was it because I did this after the meditation?
I've decided to stop keeping a dream journal for now, mostly because it's no body's business, what my dreams are...  plus, I keep a nature journal, and to me that's more vital...  So, I now have ONE meditation journal, i.e., THIS ONE.
My life definitely needs this kind of focus.
I found myself coughing a lot during the meditation.  I am having trouble with my throat being irritated.
Do I think meditating is important, vital?
Oh god, yes.  
Everyone does it.
Every time you pay attention to your breathing, you're meditating.
It is the art of the FOCUS.  
This is a beautiful sun-filled day.  It's the first day of autumn and it is HOT!