Grounding As A Meditation

23 September 2017 12:00 AM

I came across a course on Facebook for development one's innate psychic/ mediumship skills.  Realize that I am part of the line of thinking that insists that EVERYONE is psychic.  It's just a matter of developing this skill, if one chooses.
My grandmother was psychic.  She was a palm reader and an instinctive medium.  She was also the wife of an Episcopal Minister, which I suspect made her life interesting, a CHALLENGE.  
How do you have that sensitivity and still "toe the line" as a minister's wife?
Anyway, because of her, I've always been interested in the world of the senses.
This course starts out with the first lesson- grounding as a meditation.
People have been talking to me about grounding for YEARS, and they frankly bored the heck out of me, i.e., no one gave me a good reason for doing doing it, i.e., people who told me to ground, seemed afraid of the unknown...  they didn't want to fly.
In this first lesson, this woman gave me a good reason for grounding - it keeps the "evil spirits" from getting in.
Anyway, FINALLY... a good reason.
So I'm trying something new - this week, I'm doing my meditations on grounding.  I stood in front of my altar, contemplating a triangle (which has runic writing on its edges) - I saw an anchor/rope from my chakras to the floor, the ground.
I also tried going into the meditation room - which is in a "white balloon".  You go in, and you sit down on the stone bench.
This is week one.  I may be jumping the gun, by combining these meditations - the balloon room and the anchor/rope from the chakra - BUT, I've been wrestling with GROUND FOR TWENTY YEARS PLUS - so I think I can allow myself some latitude! :)  HA.