Mirror Images, Yin and Yang, Left and Right, Acupressure...

21 September 2017 12:00 AM

Acupressure is an interesting Asian treatment for bodily ailments, where the healer presses a finger against a pressure point.  I think the concept is that we are a network of electrical impulses, and there are certain "connections" throughout our physical bodies.  
Since we are a mass of electrons,
Since everything is made of energy,
Since energy cannot be destroyed,
I buy into the concept of acupressure and those pressure points on our bodies.
Years ago, I learn how to do an acupressure facial.  Sometimes I forget to do it; there were gaps of time when I didn't.  I realized, to my horror, when I looked in the mirror that I really NEEDED to do it.
I was working with my jaw, during this meditation, and discovered that my left side is different from my right side.
Maybe that's normal, but through my lifetime, I've been injured, particularly in the jaw.  My right side was dislocated ...  I have TMJ where you grind your teeth.  
A mess, ah?
Well, that's the reason for the meditations, i.e., to gain some control of my karma...
Our body is divided, left and right.  I have discovered that pain in my right leg or hip is reflected in my left leg.  The same is true for my shoulder.
So I'm not surprised by this discrepancy in my jaw.
Which makes me wonder, and also makes me realize WHY I wrote this, thought this true...
I think I am supposed to map the acupressure points on ME.