20 September 2017 12:00 AM

It's September 20th, day of the new moon.  This Friday is the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd, Mabon.
Mabon is a nice word.  Say it out loud.  There is a tone inherent in the sound - Ma-bon.
I played my drum this afternoon, for my seven minutes (Seven minutes, the number of the spiritual individualist, I do that in honor of a friend who passed last year, his name equals SEVEN.) ... I haven't been playing the drum each day, as I used to because my shoulders are messed up, and the THUMP on the drum head hurts my shoulder.  So I'm spacing out when I do my drumming.
I decided that I would drum on the significant cycles of the moon, new, full, quarter, et al.  Perhaps I should also drum on the turn of the seasons as well.
It is so easy to let a tool gather dust -- but I had to think of HOW I would use my drum.  
The beat has ALWAYS been important to me.
It stirs up my blood.
Do we wish to burst?  Do we wish to be like a slow-moving firecracker, red and yellow sparkles surging up from the nuclei - Boom.  
No I am the flower forever blooming.  We all are.
Every moment, every breath we take, is another unfolding of the petals of our recent bloom.