What is a book...

19 September 2017 12:00 AM

If you open a book, what do you hope to find?
Sleepy-time tea?
Words to live by?
Akashic Records, the library of the mind.
There are so MANY different rationalizations for what they actually are...
I really don't care, i.e., we are so afraid of life, we humans.
Why not believe in the impossible?
Fear confines our ability to soar.
My legs are killing me.  Should I believe there is no hope?
Should I run to a doctor, and get caught up in the system, the network that is like a sticky spider web?
I don't like that alternative.
Let go.  Float.  let the birds guide you.
Flying high above the clouds, SOAR UP.
If you hurt, take it easy for a little bit, but I will never give in.
My mother never gave in.
My father never went to doctors.
I like my parents.
The mockingbird raises his wings like a nonchalant shrug.
He doesn't care.
The Blue Jay looks at me like I betrayed him.
It wasn't me, friend.  Not me.
I like the British Coot.  Those birds had an attitude and confidence.  They literally could walk on water.  Their feet were like air mattresses.
Yet the Seagull is pushier.
I like both, but didn't like the Seagull trying to drown the Coot in an effort to get to the bread crumb FIRST.
Spinning Merkaba.  
Have faith.  Breath deep.  And believe.