Mt. Fuji and the Sacredness in Nature

17 September 2017 12:00 AM

I meditated on the image of Mt. Fuji today (in YouTube, they have those infernal Ads, to the right, that won't go away - conflicting images!)...  There is serenity in contemplating the snow hat on top of that mountain, ice-cap, and snow indicating its age.
I like the idea of this mountain being thought of as a God.  I can see that the Japanese are sensitive, i.e., they could SENSE the presence in that ancient symbol, that veritable entity that stands right in front of them.  Take a deep breath and FEEL -- you'll get that sensation.
Ancient trees are like that as well, especially tall towering Oaks.  Place your hand on the trunk of such a tree and look UP.  Breath.
The sense of presence is there.
People miss out on such concepts/truths because of fear.  To acknowledge the power in natural things is to lose control -- there is something in life which is MORE than you.
I don't like such people, although I sympathize.
HOWEVER...  letting go and riding the FEELING in Nature, is to become part of that flow.
It is an incredible feeling.
I'm having trouble with my legs.  Lately I haven't been doing stretches as I meditate.  I paid for that... so today; I sat cross legged, one leg over the other, left right, etc.  
I'm sure the spirits will forgive me for my lack of pure thought, i.e., it is the INTENT that matters.
There is a gray cloud in the sky, and a white border, edging the top of the trees.
Do I really want to go out today?
I want to be at the foot of Mt. Fuji, ready to ascend.