16 September 2017 12:00 AM

This is a suggestion I need to follow in life.  Simplify.  It is obvious in meditations for this site - I jumble up my meditations with all sorts of stimuli, all sorts of things to see to listen to write...
Well, I'll always write.  Right now, I'm listening to music from YouTube, "Access the Akashic Records"... and I contemplated the "logo" of the video at YouTube.
It is rather nifty - the figure of the person meditating is there - a spiraling color-filled ascending and descending chakra signal...  a blue person with an inner light, suspended in the clouds, in the hall of the Library, gold walls that slowly open, the shelves slowly revealing themselves, the book spines more and more obvious, the bookcase shelves ... it is a great visual - as you meditate the library slowly opens up for you.  I like that.
I have been too down lately, too negative, fearful of certain things "crowding" my life.  And I am trying to shake that.  
You can only be threatened by that which you LET harm you.  The Buddhist can sit cross-legged in the middle of a busy downtown avenue, and be oblivious... well, that's ideal, i.e., we are all human.  I'm sure that monk is aware of the discord around him - but isn't that a good exercise in focus, i.e., to NOT let the noise get in.  Choose.  
I like that concept.  I have to remind myself of this.
I must practice.  Seek inner peace.  Life has not been bad for me.  It will continue to be -- at peace.