Metatron's Cube

13 September 2017 12:00 AM

Metatron is an angel of life, in certain spiritual belief systems, and I believe Metatron's Cube is what this Angel breaths life into, i.e. sacred geometry is oftentimes a MAP of our electricity our "corpuscles", oh what  is the word I want, our heartbeat, our core, are platelets, the wiring, energy, frequency, vibration, I am incline to favor these streams of thinking because I've known math was sacred for years, ancient folks noted the counting in Nature, the numbers, the lines circles, triangles, how did they come up with the pyramids anyway, SOMEBODY was thinking in a geometrical track/way, train of thought, And once I accepted that math was part of nature, well, have you ever looked at the rings in a tree trunk stump, count the lines in a leaf's hand, noted the brittleness of a coat a tree actually wears, sunlight on the road, walking through the woods, why am I back in my CHILDHOOD neighborhood, I like streams, I like contemplating the flow of the water in this path, bed, the rocks make a challenging "course" for the water to travel over to LEARN, well course is a class, and course is TRAVELING, interesting that that word has those two meanings, I like Metatron's Cube, the flower of life is more interesting, but this one was ... oh my the path my mind just traveled on, I just had to shake my self out of it, i.e., "Wot?"  HA!  This was fun.

I decided to look up – corpuscles.  The first definition fit with what I was “seeing” -- a minute body or cell in an organism, especially a red or white cell in the blood of vertebrates – I was the cells, like jewels being tied together with thread, a necklace… but this second HISTORICAL definition DELIGHTS ME -- a minute particle regarded as the basic constituent of matter or light.  WELL DONE, universal stream, that feels RIGHT ON THE MONEY!