12 September 2017 12:00 AM

I want to describe the music I'm listening to - this is part of a "sharpening your psychic hearing" exercise - listen to music and try to identify the nuances -- there is a bell, I hear that round sound, well, I can see the golden bell as I say that, there's a sound like a dong dong dong as well, maybe a different bell, but lower, although I think it something else, a sound that is high pitched, there are suppose to be drums in this, but, well, I hear the beat, but it is like someone moving through molasses, mincing, a cymbal, triangle, one of those metal contraptions that they hit with a soft headed narrow mallet, I think I am not sure I can't identify the instruments, is that a piccolo, a clarinet, I think who is playing this is either drifting off to sleep, or giggling up his sleeve, ding, ding, a sound in a hall with an echo, I can't describe any more except that I like this sound, I wonder if that is a piano, practicing LISTENING, is a good meditation, especially since I've been shutting out sounds for years - I am VERY sensitive to sounds, when I was a kid I heard everything, and that drove me mad, I don't like having my head wrapped in cotton though, I want to hear the sounds which aren't immediately audible.  I know that people are lazy when it comes to SEEING; I wonder if the same can be said of hearing?  The trick is to focus.  You can hear and/or see without being BUGGED by extracurricular "activities"! :) Namaste.