11 September 2017 12:00 AM

Sometimes, when I walk through the woods, I will come across two parallel trees - they are directly side by side, and the distance between them -- there is something about it.
I find myself contemplating that space, and in my mind's eye, I find myself thinking of this as a gateway, a portal.  If I let my senses "loose", I'll even perceive, briefly, a vibration between the two trees.
I thought of that phenomenon, on this second day of meditating on the Japanese Gate, The Torii (Shinto Symbol).  This "floating" Torii, the one built in the middle of this very calm very flat lake, I bet they -- the designers, the architects, the BUILDERS of this sacred gate -- were full aware of the effect.
That lake mirrors that symbol/gate.
When people stand on the shore, and meditate on this gate, do they loosen their focus?  THEY SHOULD.  
I did that, and felt myself, for a brief while, drawn through that gate, that space, that PARALLEL distance between those poles, those two sacred "trees."
Then I felt restless; I want to meditate on the WHOLE lake, the mirror, the distant mountains, and the sunrise/sunset - a pink in the sky.  The lake, close to the camera, our side of the lake, is a lovely blue.  The sand is white.
Going from looking at the whole, to the space between the two parallel poles, within the GATE to the sacred, was difficult.  
I liked both - the whole, and the finite.
This is a splendid example of Sacred Geometry.
I'm going to enjoy further contemplation of this Sacred Symbol, Japanese Gate, Torii.