Sufficient Unto Itself...

08 September 2017 12:00 AM

I think I am going to jot down here, one of the aspects of my walk today - I take a walk in Nature.  I listen to music, or a story, or a comedian (on a CD player) as I walk.  I use that distraction to keep me from focusing on my bodily functions too much - that way disaster lies -- however, I've learned to put the sound down low because I do NOT want to cocoon myself from Nature, and what I see.  I walk to CONNECT with Nature.
I had a lot of things happen today.  It was a significant walk.  Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm.  However, what I want to put here is the part (after several neat things happen), I was walking along, and rift was going through my mind - and a pine cone dropped from the pine tree above me, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, plop, on the street.  
Now I either said RIGHT BEFORE that happen, or RIGHT AFTER -- Sufficient Unto Itself.  
I don't know.  I would love if I had said it RIGHT BEFORE, but... still synchronistic no matter.
I walked a few steps, and then turned around walked back, picked up the pine cone, and walked home.
When gifts dropped down in front of my face, I'm not going to be rude and IGNORE IT.
So -- that was fairly GREAT.
Sufficient Unto Itself.
My meditation here - I used my blessed Mandela, and I'm listening to shamanic drumming.  5000 - 8000 HZ.  
Feels good.
Ever wish you could be OFF THE GRID?
That's what I want ...  I wish I had the courage to do so.
Until then - I try to repair the network, energy, vibration, frequency as much I can.
Sufficient Unto Itself.