Geometry of Life

07 September 2017 12:00 AM

I used a "Flower of Life" geometric shape - I think the one I got is the seed blossoming, the petals unfolding, it's not the FULL Flower of Life.  I just can't remember the term - it several circles within a circle and the edges of these circles interlope - to create vortexes, valleys, the triangle which was the shape that Mason and Dixon when they measured out the state borders on this particular branch of the east coat, did NOT get this corner right - there was a "triangle" of land which did not belong to any state.  Therefore, outlaws, and what not would find sanctuary in this little niche from the law....  
Are these interlacing of the circles a no-man land. :)  Oh I am kidding, here.  It's just when I looked at those interloping lines I thought of that geographic no man's land that Mason and Dixon did not include in society's attempt to measure and regulate...
but there are some patterns that are not man-made.  Our DNA, the shapes that we glimpse from OUTER SPACE, the lines in Nature, in the leaf's hand, the trunk of the tree, the interlacing of the grass in the earth, the flowers opening up, the dandelion fluffs floating in the wind - they too are geometry, in that they are little lines, fragments in the tapestry,
We sew our lives together.
I just went to the eye doctor.  I was told to put my chair UP when I look at this computer screen.  
This is a new sensation.  My legs don't hurt as much.  
Distance.  The distance from Point A to Point B, the distance between the computer screen and my eyes, the distance between my body and the keyboard, the distance from that tree outside that I see the wind ruffling its leaves, hah, I wanted to say feathers !  The street lamp a straight line going up to that "squared" triangle, cube on top, with a cap, the lines of the streets
I think what I like best is the tapestry of the grass.
I don't like doctors
I am contemplating the lavender plant on my counter - it is several fingers reaching towards the window, the air, the light, now that I am considering the geometry of life the tapestry which we weave, those lavender fingers are a great design...