Going With The Flow

06 September 2017 12:00 AM

I drop the LOOKING at something while I am listening to the meditative music.  I may go back to that.  One thing nice about meditation, on your own, is - my game, my rules.  
Mostly, this morning, I was meditating and listening to this music, while trying to SEE with my mind's eye.  And I realized, at the end of this session that I was so sleepy, and OUT OF IT, that I totally missed the fact that I was listening to DRUMS.  
I LOVE drums.  I go for the beat every time.  The fact that I missed that this morning, well -- that's not right.
One thing nice about this meditative music at YouTube is that they are LONG LONG LONG - and when you stop at one point, well, when you go back, the music will start up right where you left off.
I am grateful for that.
SO, I closed my eyes, focused on my breathing, worked with my legs and muscles, and relaxed... one thing that I liked, tells me that I am the right track -- I SAW with my mind's eye, a stone floor, a stone hearth, sweeping the cinders from this hearth, throwing water on the floor to clean it and SWEEP, I saw the stone fireplace, a gray stone, the floor stones were green and black with a lining in-between - these were old stones, worn out, and I looked up to the right and saw a basement window - the type of window which, this time, was a half moon (Usually they are rectangles that you can crank open and shut.)  I saw vines outside the window, and saw moss on the glass, green stains.  
I realized I was in a basement apartment which made me feel a twinge of disappointment, i.e. I was hoping I was in a hut in the woods.  Perhaps this woman was a British Tweeny, or a downstairs maid, Cinderella who took care of the heat in this house, or the stove, cooking in a pot over the coals...
Who knows -- fun to contemplate.