What is real and Clairaudience

05 September 2017 12:00 AM

I had an interesting meditation.  I decided to focus on the scene that was being shown with the meditative music.  It was a series of "moving" pictures, nature scenes - oh they were so pretty.  When my seven minutes ended, I wanted to keep on looking, contemplating, speculating on whether ANY OF WHAT I WAS SEEING WAS REAL.
I understand the urge to enhance photography.  With all the inherent madness of electronic technological inventing, tinkering with how to make a picture, MORE, better, sparkle, more enhance, oh don't like the color of that leaf, that's okay change it, Oh the sky isn't blue enough, add some hues, let's make the water ripple faster, the wind is rustling the leaves, shall we calm it down or stir up a hurricane, and I take it out of the law...
It's breath-taking, don't get me wrong.  However, I found it disheartening to see how much doctoring...  
give me REAL.
What I liked best about this - was I sat here, not in pain.  Oh!  FINGERS CROSSED.  
I came across some exercises for enhancing one's ability to HEAR ON THE SPIRITUAL PLANE, i.e., Clairaudience.  Okay, it is a psychic skill, but before anyone goes "ROT", or worse, this is a common ability.  Anyone can do it.
Regardless - I like the exercise I came across.
It's a meditation.  
1.  Make sure you have some uninterrupted time.
2.  Close your eyes.
3.  State your intent to hone your psychic hearing.
4.  Quiet your mind, your breathing.
5.  Listen.  Listen for sounds you don't normally hear.

I like the concept of this meditation.  If nothing else, it would be a great FOCUSING tool.

:)  Namaste.