Ever Try To Do Too Many Things At The Same Time?

04 September 2017 12:00 AM

I'm still doing a lot of meditations/writings in one day.  It is wearing me out.  HOWEVER, I feel compelled to do so.  There is a need to even out the energy of this Earth.  A lot of people know this - I want to lend my "vibrations" to this cause.  Besides, I'm retired.  I retired SPECIFICALLY to write and to "evolve" (Yeah, I know how that sounds!  I don't mean to be hoity-toity, HA!)  spiritually.  So for me the writing and meditation is a full time job.  Oh let's not forget, walking each day, picking up litter, exercising, being a couch potato, cleaning the house, CONNECTING WITH NATURE...  So...
When I sat down to do this meditation I had mouth wash in my mouth.  I know, I know, a part of me was going, "Ah, not right..." BUT ...  It was in my mouth AND I WANTED TO MEDITATE, and I had to do it RIGHT NOW...  Does this defeat the purpose of meditation, i.e., rising, evolving, relaxinnnnggggg....?
Yes, I'm poking fun at myself.  
And I think THAT'S THE KEY to life.
You got to have a sense of humor.
Anyway, I listened to the music, I did leg movements, and I breathed.  I looked at my Mandela.
I think the best part of the meditation was when I automatically put my hands out, palms upwards, supplication to the heavens.
I've done this before.  It feels like an instinct when I do it.
And doing that, well, makes me feel like I'm on the right track.
Maybe I need to work on simplifying.  HA.
But also - learning how to focus HARD in the middle of a chaotic mess, i.e., US.
Namaste.  This feels good.