Geometric Shapes and Having Faith in the Process

03 September 2017 12:00 AM

I definitely do better with music that has a drumbeat.  I guess for me to drift, I need to feel myself sway...  I'm listening to music that has the OM and a drum.  THAT I like.  I'm feeling a loyalty to my Mandela (which I got from a Facebook Page on a Hawaiian Philosophy, Ho'oponopono.  I LIKE my Mandela.  BUT, I am feeling a need to contemplate some other forms/symbols as well, during this 7 minute sit of mine -- perhaps a Sacred Geometric Shape, like the Flower of Life, or Metatron's Cube.  Today I did three meditations - it is Sunday, and they are busy over at Facebook with group meditations.  I WANT to participate.  Still, I feel the urge to NOT skip these seven minutes!!!!  It's an interesting feeling - “must do must do must do...”
You got to have faith in the process.  I'm saying that to ME.  Hard to get rid of stinking thinking you know.  My thoughts are not verbal, they are visual.  I am now trying to see the bad stuff burning away, dissolving into ashes, dropping into the stream and taken back into the earth, carted away by the current, that only seeks to help ME
I definitely think I'm physically better, but I'm saying that with fingers crossed.  I don't want to jinx it at all.  There is an old rule, in an ancient philosophy -- to make your "magic" effective you must KEEP QUIET.  Keep it secret.  

That's the weakness of my life up till now (now being the past few years) -- I would talk talk talk talk.  Took me awhile to follow WHAT I KNEW I SHOULD DO, i.e., stay quiet, stay silent.  If you are trying to create change, do it, let the flow take care of the rest.  Stay silent.  :)  Yeah, good day, good work.