Meditation and Digestive Health!

02 September 2017 12:00 AM

I decided to try contemplating the image paired with the music meditations, on YouTube. These were nature images. Along with the drum beat, and these incredibly moving pictures of various waterfalls, fields of flowers, and massive TREES, well, this was pleasant. I am a bit too full from what I ate this morning, but I found focusing on this meditation, FOCUSING ON MY BREATHING, and PULLING MY GUT IN, well, that helped with the upset tummy. What made me laugh was that my breathing and PULLING IN, was in time with the drum beat. I definitely prefer this type of music, but... I know that all music has a purpose... All my life is a meditation, more so lately, and I have done this deliberately. You got to shake the bad thoughts, memories regrets guilt feelings shake them like ashes from a fire, the ambers smoldering, let the smoke drift off, I will not be chained to my regrets and guilt over smuck moments in my life, hard not to do, but that's the point of BEING IN THE NOW, to be a shiny PRESENCE, you are the best that you can be IN THIS MOMENT. There are no other episodes, not other timescapes, what is really is THIS MOMENT. I reiterate this I repeat, not to be a snot, more of emphasis and a reminder to myself, everything we say SHOULD BE A SPELL SPOKEN, i.e., let your words be your magic, so say them deliberately and with right intent, BE HERE NOW, The past doesn't exist, the future hasn't happened yet, what is happening is always THE NOW. Change your perception of the past and you've changed the past. Worrying about the future is futile, since EVERY MOMENT you are IN THE FUTURE. You are walking IN YOUR FUTURE with every step, every breath you take; your whole life is YOU NOW. Make the moment COUNT. And Yes, I am telling myself THAT.