01 September 2017 12:00 AM

Meditation, for me, is like the currents in the ocean, in, out, low tide, high tide, what goes up, must come down, if my energy is HIGH each day I will burn up, and yeah, I'm reminding myself of that, persistence is the key, so to not be disappointment if one day, eh, no deep flow, no great revelations, I'm getting a lot of input though, people saying stuff, nonsense stuff, all in fun - basically, it's not always going to be firecrackers and I WILL PERSIST.  Yes, I'm reminding myself to KEEP IT UP, fairly certain that I don't like this gentle meditative music, once I've finished with this writing I'm going online to YouTube to find meditative music WITH A BEAT, that would be shamanic music I think, the shamans when they go into a trance, go UP or DOWN, finding a hole in the ground, and traveling, or a "hole" to the upper world... they get into this trance ON A DRUM beat, ah ha, so I'm not talking out of my hat, off the top of my head, blah, blah, right now I've been working on breathing, what has been nice is that my legs are better -- for two days I haven't felt the need to cross them as I meditate, I didn't stretch out at all what I did was working on my muscle contractions (lower abdomen) and focusing on my breathing - yeah, while contemplating that Mandela of mine! :) And what is even better is that - the time sped by ... before I was watching the clock.  The last two days I haven't been, I'm either NUMB, or ... it's a change for the better I think, breathe in, okay, Namaste!